Dustforce Autosplitter

Edit: Check http://www.speedrun.com/Dustforce_DX/resources for a more up to date autosplitter.  This splitter is not being maintained and is a bit flakey whether it will work.

I’ve created a simple auto-splitter for Windows to assist people doing full game runs.  The splitter watches when the stats0 file, containing your current key and door lock state, is updated and filters the modification pattern to only split when a level is completed.  This means the splitter will work properly for those doing early exits in SS runs but may trigger early in any% runs where early exit is currently prohibited. Also note when doing SS runs the splitter will inject a split whether or not you SS the level so it’s still up to you to check that you’ve SSed and revert the split if not.  The splitter injects a Page Up keypress to signify a split.  Configure your splitter program to split on this key.

You can get the auto-splitter binary at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5696757/DustforceAutosplitter.zip.  Those interested in the source code can visit the github repository.

Update – August 11th 2015: Added a configuration file so you can specify the location of the folder containing your stats0 file if it is not one of the default locations that the autosplitter checks.  Check autosplitterconfig.xml for details on how to set this up.

Update – August 12th 2015: Fixed a bug where the splitter would generate more and more keypresses each split (opps!).  Fixed an issue with how keypresses were being injected (hopefully).  Made it so you can customize the split key.  Reorganized and commented the source code.

Update – August 12th 2015 (again): Fixed a bug where the first split wouldn’t register if the stats0 file didn’t already exist (as I believe is the case if you’re using Krankdud’s save manager).


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