Dustforce and dustkid.com stats

Hi all, in the interest of opening up some of the data I’ve been collecting on dustkid.com I’ve decided to add a post with some graphs that I’ve set to automatically regenerate each day.

This first graph is meant to gauge the activity of Dustforce as a whole.  It shows the number of PBs obtained by users each week since the beginning of Dustforce.

Dustforce PBs per week

This next graph shows the number of Time WRs per week since the start of Dustforce.  Unfortunately since I’m missing some metadata on old replays I can’t include historical score WRs so I just decided to not include them at all for now.

Dustforce WRs per week

This one shows the number of replays dustkid.com receives directly from its users.

Dustkid.com replays per week

Finally the last graph shows how many users dustkid.com receives replays from each week.

Dustkid.com active users per week