The Dustkid FAQ

What is this about? is a website made to collect and generate statistics about Dustforce. Whether you’re new or a veteran of the game I hope that you will find this service useful. The different types of information generated will continue to grow; it offers character leaderboards, achievements, challenge/puzzle mode leaderboards, (live) full game run tracking and stats, replay search, a TAS creation tool, a javascript replay animator and comparison tool, and many other miscellaneous features.

How do I use it?

Many of the features of you can already access.  However, normally dustkid can only access replays that were personal bests and saved by Hitbox.  If you wish dustkid to track all of your replays you need to setup dustkid on your gaming machine.

Why don’t the replay links work?

Any replay link with a negative replay identifier, like dustforce://replay/-6531116, require you to have dustkid setup.  This is because Hitbox doesn’t know about these replays so dustkid must be setup as a proxy to fulfill these requests.

If HitBox is having an outage, what happens to my replays?

There are two servers used by dustkid.  The main server hosts the dustkid website, database, and replays.  The second server is a simple proxy machine whose IP is given in the dustkid setup instructions.  This machine’s only task is to receive and forward replays (and other dustforce client requests) to Hitbox and the dustkid frontend as appropriate.  This machine ensures that if either Hitbox or the dustkid frontend is unavailable that the replay will be stored to be later submitted.


I believe that all the data collected by dustkid belongs to the community and I wish to be as open about it as possible.  Many dustkid pages can give nicely formatted JSON data if you prepend “/json” to the URL.  If you wish to get more information send me a message on the SRL #dustforce IRC channel.

Will dustkid be monetized?

No; I have no plans to ever monetize dustkid.  This is a hobby project for me and a chance to flex my tech skills and learn how to manage a website effectively.  For this reason I apologize for any outages or strange behavior from the site; the website will always be fairly experimental.

How do I report a bug/request a feature?

The easiest way to contact me about Dustforce is through the #dustforce IRC channel on  Feel free to make feature requests; however as this is a hobby project for me I choose to work on what I find personally interesting.

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