Dustmod Has Updated

Note: The download links below always download the latest version of Dustmod whether or not I update this page.


  • Fixed internet issue with MacOS build. Added setup instructions for MacOS.

Dustmod Archives

Pick the archive suitable for your version of Dustforce and copy the contained files into your Dustforce direction (the directory that contains the Dustforce executable).  Note that the installation now sits side by side with the existing installation of Dustforce so you can easily switch between vanilla or Dustmod.  If you’re playing on Steam you might like to add the Dustmod executable to your game launcher by navigating to “Games” ->  to “Add a Non-Steam Game to my Library” and finding the dustmod executable, typically at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dustforce\dustmod.exe”).  Steam will still recognize the game as Dustforce once the game is running.

Dustmod is freely available, however donations are always appreciated. Donate


Dustmod on Mac

The easiest way to get Dustmod working on OSX is by extracting Dustmod on top of your existing Dustforce installation (unfrotunately installing alongside vanilla seems to not be working). To do this we’ll need to open up a terminal.

First, we’ll change directories into the Dustforce application. Type the following:

cd "$(find . | grep Dustforce.app$)/Contents"

Ensure this command succeeded. If you type “pwd” you should get output similar to

/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Dustforce/Dustforce.app.

Now unzip the contents of the Dustmod archive into the installation folder (replace drmfree with steam as needed):

unzip ~/Downloads/dustmod.osx64_steam.zip

When prompted enter “A” to replace all existing files. Finally run

chmod +x MacOS/Dustforce

And you should be set! Try starting up Dustforce as you normally would and verify Dustmod has been installed.



10 thoughts on “Dustmod Has Updated

  1. So with this update when I enter the map in editor it doesn’t load any UI or player character. I have to press “tab” to enter editing mode.
    Also the game always starts me in the tutorial section. I’m not that bad 😦


    1. Also, how is this new version compatible with older one and no-dustmod in terms of editing the map and playing maps made in new dustmod?
      I noticed map made in this version crashes a no-dustmod game when you try to edit it.


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