Dustmod Has Updated


  • Robot Science has donated several tracks from their album, “Square” to be used in Dustmod.  These tracks were used in the original Dustforce prototype.  These tracks are:
    1. Swimming Through Waves
    2. Teacups
    3. Minus
    4. A Square the Rectangle is Not
  • Additionally two tracks from Lifeform’s Fastfall that were not already in the game have been added, “Your Favorite Color” and “Light Pollution”.

6.12.4 Update

  • Several gameplay affecting tweaks to better match vanilla dustforce3
    • Dustmod simulated an extra world frame that only rarely happened in vanilla.  This frequently disturbed cycles and has been removed.
    • Fade ins are now 13 frames, were 15.  This effectively means that the level starts 1/30th of a second later than before.
    • Fade outs are now 16 frames, were 15 (iirc).  This means that you can early exit 1 frame earlier.
  • Completely rewrote save state code to be ~2.5x faster to improve network game performance.
  • Added special casing for particles in networking so they shouldn’t cause more lag than in single player.
  • You can now leave a network game by pressing F7
  • Patched memory leak that caused performance degredation in network games over time.
  • Supering in network games will no longer mark enemies already marked by another player’s super.
  • Your last loaded nexus script is remembered after you close the game, and can be started with F5 like you had already loaded it.
  • And ofc misc fixes

Hi everyone! After quite a pause in Dustmod update while I worked on making multiplayer work, I want to start pushing Dustmod updates again that contain the multiplayer logic.  Unfortunately due to including engine builds now it would be difficult for me to make the in game updater work so you’ll need to grab an appropriate archive below to install manually (future updates again will work in game).

Dustmod Archives

Pick the archive suitable for your version of Dustforce and copy the contained files into your Dustforce direction (the directory that contains the Dustforce executable).  Note that the installation now sits side by side with the existing installation of Dustforce so you can easily switch between vanilla or Dustmod.  If you’re playing on Steam you might like to add the Dustmod executable to your game launcher by navigating to “Games” ->  to “Add a Non-Steam Game to my Library” and finding the dustmod executable, typically at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dustforce\dustmod.exe”).  Steam will still recognize the game as Dustforce once the game is running.

I’ll work on getting a steam version for linux and osx available soon.

The Changelist

  • Added online multiplayer support via rollbacks
  • Added multiplayer nexuses now accessible where the multiplayer nexus use to be
  • Now sends replays to dustkid proxy without hosts file change
  • Added some polish to multiplayer mode
  • Support for multiplayer replays
  • Determistic menu/world step interleavings
  • Removed save/load checkpoint for save/load state in frame advance tools
  • Fixed excessive camera shake bug from last update
  • Properly track apple count in game for the meme
  • Added draw/input frame rate tracker
  • NG/NG+ will now properly reset nexus checkpoints
  • Performance improvements for those with a lot of custom level times (i.e. the pause when trying to open some doors)
  • Added dust projection visualization to help understand what dust gets cleaned by attacks
  • A ton of smaller things I don’t remember

Notes On Multiplayer

I’m still working on multiplayer so many things may not work.  You’re welcome to try it out but please understand that you may run into technical issues in addition to the lobby system being fairly simplistic.


10 thoughts on “Dustmod Has Updated

  1. So with this update when I enter the map in editor it doesn’t load any UI or player character. I have to press “tab” to enter editing mode.
    Also the game always starts me in the tutorial section. I’m not that bad 😦


    1. Also, how is this new version compatible with older one and no-dustmod in terms of editing the map and playing maps made in new dustmod?
      I noticed map made in this version crashes a no-dustmod game when you try to edit it.


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