Replay Animation Controls/Data, New Blog Look

I’ve added some controls to the replay animation all of which work when watching a single replay or multiple replays.  The controls allow you to

  • Pause/resume the animation
  • Increase/decrease the animation speed (pushing the fast forward or rewind buttons multiple times will continue to change the speed).
  • Step one frame forwards or backwards

Additionally if you click on the replay animation it will set all of the replays as close as possible to the position you clicked.  In theory this could be used to get an idea of what strats work best for a given section of a map.  Clicking the reset button will reset all the replays at the start.

While you’re watching a replay you can see the raw data that the animator is pulling from the replay files.  The “Active” column indicates that the replay is still in progress; this column is actually currently a bit off as the animator will mark a replay inactive if it has no more desync data even if the replay frame count extends a few more frames.  The “Interpolated” column indicates that there is no desync for the given frame and that the animator is using nearby desync data to estimate the position and speed.  The “time” column is estimated from the frame counter and may be slightly off due to IGT pausing during a death.

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