Rankings Updated

The performance on the rankings pages have been shaky recently; on several occasions causing serious performance degradation on dustkid which led to the rankings being updated far less; with some long stretches where there were no automated updates running.

I have updated how rankings our calculated and I believe these performance issues should not be a problem going forward.  I have currently set rankings to update every hour; I will probably increase this to every half hour assuming the resource usage looks as it currently does.  In addition; I’ve made the following updates to the rankings page

  • Rankings are generated for the main levels, cmp levels, and backwards levels.
  • You can choose what leaderboard type you want to view (e.g. apple, no dash, etc…)
  • Custom leaderboards show best apples, dashes, jumps totals when getting S completion (might drop it and just go any%).  32 dashes or jumps are added to your total if you don’t have a record on a given IL.
  • Page shows the time that the rankings were last updated

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