Recent Changes – August 8th 2015

  • is now using Google Analytics to monitor site usage statistics.  Because of that I have also added a simple privacy policy courtesy of Iubenda which you can find at the bottom of any page.  From the privacy policy you may choose to opt out of Google Analytics if you wish.
  • Several new leaderboard types have been added todustkid.  These include the following:
    • Apple Completion and Apple Time (Apple%).  Apple completion is ranked by the tuple (completion, apples hit, finesse, time, timestamp).  Apple% is ranked by (apples hit, time, completion + finesse, timestamp).  A replay must have hit at least one apple in a run to be ranked on Apple boards; therefore maps without apples will have empty leaderboards.
    • TAS Score and TAS Time.  This is a place for replays created using the replay composer tool to be listed and ranked.
    • Low-Dash Completion and Low-Dash Time.  Low-Dash score is ranked by the tuple (completion, dash count, finesse, time, timestamp).  Low-Dash time is ranked by (dash count, time, completion + finesse, timestamp).  A replay must have strictly less than 32 dashes to be ranked on this leaderboard.
    • Low-Jump Completion and Low-Jump Time.  This leaderboard is analogous to Low-Dash but for jumping.
    • BS and Some%.  This leaderboard is ranked like a normal leaderboard except a replay must have a B rank in completion to be listed.  Some% may be eventually removed as in most cases the best BS run will also be the best Some% run.
  • Replay tables on dustkid now show apple count, dash count, and jump count in addition to the normal completion and finesse scores.
  • The index page listed the most recent first time Yotta SSes.  Additionally dustkid now has a bot on the SRL #dustforce IRC channel that announces first time Yotta SSes.
  • Dustforce now supports three different level sets.  Standard levels, community map pack levels, and backwards Dustforce levels.  The first two can be accessed from the index page.  Backwards Dustforce can be accessed by replacing “cmp” on a CMP profile/record/ranking page with “ecroftsud” (“dustforce” backwards).  I have no plans to ever list backwards dustforce prominently.
  • The options page has been extended to support all the new kinds of leaderboard types.  However there is no way currently to see the number of apples/jumps/dashes for a given replay in game.
  • The “install” page is now the “setup” page.  I believe this better reflects the process of getting dustkid working and will likely help gain users.

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